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There is a lot of different information readily available on granite counter tops. This page will provide more of an overview of granite counter tops and help you decide if this product is the very best choice for your countertop needs. For additional information on granite countertops you can call us at (813) 860-5785. One of the expert staff at Taken for Granite and Marble will be able to answer practically any question you have about our products, fabrication process, or installation. Visit our products page if you’re interested in granite colors.

The stone is generally composed of higher amounts of a mineral understood as quartz as well as other minerals that add color and style. Usually, we identify materials “granite” as a way of organizing the products based on comparable attributes. Technically speaking, many granite countertops aren’t actually “granite”.

  • Counter tops that are cut and formed from natural stone
  • They’re very hard, difficult, and scratch resistant
  • They basically last forever
  • They differ in color, uniqueness, and design
  • They differ in density (how permeable they are or how easily water can take in).
  • When sealed properly they’re practically water resistant.Many colors are extremely heat resistant.
  • They are a “practical art piece” that can be used as a building material.

What are the benefits and downsides of granite countertops?

Granite Countertops – the pros

One of the greatest counter top products– Containing primarily quartz, granite is very durable, however not unbreakable.

One of the most scratch resistant– The quartz within the stone is tougher then stainless steel, which permits you to cut on your counter with no problems. Nevertheless, you will need to hone your knife regularly since it can actually dull your knives.

The most heat resistant– Given that it was formed under many 1000s of degrees of temperature level, you can be ensured that a hot pan isn’t going to damage your granite countertop.

Probably the most distinctive material– The natural charm of granite just can’t be matched. Each stone is unique and like a piece of art.

Ageless– Granite will simply never head out of design. It’s been used for 1000s of years and will continue to be used for 1000s more.

Practically last forever– With the best care your granite countertop will practically last forever.

Boosts your house resale value– With granite on your cooking area or bathroom countertops, it can add significant value to your home. Simply choose your colors well and install something the majority of people would really like.

Tidiness– Checked and shown to be the second most sanitary product for a counter top. (Stainless steel is # 1 however not very sensible for use as a countertop for many people).

Low maintenance– Yes granite counter tops are low upkeep. Most likely one of the biggest concerns we hear is how much work it is to seal granite. Sealing is an extremely easy process today, which includes applying the sealant, letting it set, and cleaning off whatever is left over.

Highest overall value– Granite is a top quality material. Granite is well worth the expense when you think of value more than simply cost.

Granite Countertops – the cons

Should be sealed– While granite is not “no maintenance” it is really quite low upkeep. By not sealing granite there can be some severe problems. Problems like stains, water marks, and fading. If you can keep in mind to seal it every couple of years, then you must have absolutely nothing to stress over.

Lack of non-natural colors– If your designer is searching for some bright exotic color or an extremely consistent pattern, then granite might not be your finest option.

Breaking corners– All countertops can get cracked at the corners with a hard adequate hit. Granite is also brittle but strong. This implies you can’t utilize hammers on your granite countertops and you should attempt not to slam metal objects onto them either.

Cost– Granite is not inexpensive in comparison to other lower quality materials like Formica. Nevertheless, with the ideal granite product, it costs remarkably very little more than the lower priced alternatives.

There is a lot of different information available on granite countertops. For more info on granite countertops call us at (813) 860-5785 or you can contact us by using our contact form.

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