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Kitchen countertop remodeling tips

Surface areas, namely the kitchen countertop, add to a huge level the appearance of a kitchen. There are in fact numerous home renovators that are their very own kitchen counters. One method to add a contemporary highlight to a standard counter top is to produce diagonal wood edges for your kitchen counter. Let Taken for Granite and Marble help you do all this work! Just leave it to the professionals.

Kitchen countertop diagonal edges

The diagonal timber edge counter top is most easily included during the replacement of an existing laminated kitchen counter location. You can also choose to customize your current countertop by including a diagonal wood edge; yet a lot of homeowners find as soon as they start planning a cooking area transformation, a brand new kitchen countertop is a must have.

When buying materials for this job, make certain your brand-new side wood matches the wood in various other functions of the space, such as cupboards, if they are unpainted. If most of the cooking area is or will be painted, bring a paint chip as well as make certain the color of the wood is one that will be unified with the space overall.

Taken for Granite and Marble has the right equipment

For making the bevel in your wood edge strips, the very best tool is a substance moving miter saw. This is an electric saw which rotates back and forth to create the miter cut. The saw works along with pivoting entrusted to right to create the bevel. If you do not have one, you can lease one. Another route you can take is to have the store where you got the wood size and bevel it for you. Make sure to do a few test cuts on some scrap timber if you have actually not previously used one of these saws.

A good addition to having actually updated cooking area decor details such as this is that it is your diagonal wood edge countertop will probably increaese the value of your home. It could not drastically go up in price, yet it is the small details that buyers value. Furthermore, real estate representatives like to point out such counter top layouts when revealing a residence to prospective purchasers. It is all the little information built up that make the sell.

When you’ve learned to effectively add a diagonal edge to your cooking area countertops, you can likewise head to the bathroom. Various other rooms featuring built-in surfaces to additional upgrade your home.

Taken for Granite and Marble has all the experience you need when it comes to kitchen or bathroom countertops. You can check out our products and choose your favorite stone. You can get in touch by phone by calling (813) 860-5785. Another way to get in touch is by using our very easy contact form.

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