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granite countertop

The perfect granite countertop surface

My Grandma used to say to me this old time saying “Absolutely nothing cheap is good and nothing good is cheap”. This rings true when handling the purchase of granite countertop material. Actually this pertains to all natural and man made stones so read very carefully. The experts at Taken for Granite and Marble want you to know all about the granite countertop and it’s pros and cons.

All natural granite countertop

All-natural stone is rated as to it’s viability for a provided job. It is also rated regarding the area of the world it stemmed from. This is a quality for general use yet even more for rock professionals to advise designers, surveyors etc which products to use for maximum performance in the building or home.

When looking around on the web you typically find samples of the very best, Granite, Marble, Sedimentary rock etc. You should realize that this rock is possibly not what you will get. Firstly, the stone is batched. You require batched stone to obtain the constant pattern throughout the surface area. If you were to acquire rock today as well as return for rock a month later to finish your task you will inevitably obtain an inequality that can look hideous particularly with the bigger crystals such as blue pearl granite.
Always make certain you are getting the very same set and also have it itemized on your order. If the installer chips a corner or scrapes the surface area you will typically require a substitute item. If a replacement isn’t offered you may have an issue.

Don’t fret. Taken for Granite and Marble will strive to do they very best job they can while protecting your stone during installation.

A black granite countertop does not fade

I have been on many telephone calls recently concerning the fading of black granite counter tops. Black granite should not fade. Black granite imported from Asia is sometimes doctored with dyes and also oils to darken the surface.

Prior to acquiring a granite stone, perform the following examination to discover if it has actually been doctored.

Get a tidy white cloth and also use some acetone (nail varnish remover) to the surface of the granite. If any kind of residue or black shade is observed on the top, do decline it, it has been colored.

The countertop test

Take a piece of the “granite” you intend to test and also spill a couple of drops of lemon juice onto it. If you see that under the acidity of lemon juice creates very dark spots, it indicates that it’s a really absorbent rock. I would suggest you choose another. If after a minute approximately it is absorbed, realize you’re handling a degree of absorbency that’s easily manageable with the application of a top quality impregnating sealant.

In short be cautious where you place your order and always look for expert advice. The difference between a good stone as well as a bad stone is huge. The cost between a good stone and a bad stone is smaller than you assume yet can be more expensive.

The stone experts at Taken for Granite and Marble are standing by to speak to your. Call us right now at (813) 860-5785 to set an appointment for your free digital estimate. You can also ask some questions by filling out this contact form.

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